Welcome to my personal page! My greatest passion is the ever-evolving field of quantum AI, a topic I have been researching since 2022. My interest spans a wide range of quantum AI-related topics, including quantum computer algorithms, optimization methods in quantum informatics, entanglement and superposition in artificial neural networks, as well as the ethical and societal implications of this emerging technology.

What fascinates me most about this field is its potential to revolutionize our world in ways we can't even imagine. Quantum AI is not just about technology; it's about reshaping our society, our economy, and our lives in ways that align with the human spirit.

One of my core beliefs is that knowledge should be freely accessible and shared, not hoarded or kept exclusive. For this reason, I created this website - to disseminate knowledge on quantum AI from A to Z and to foster a global community where anyone, regardless of their background, can learn about quantum AI.

While I view this work more as an extended hobby, I am committed to conducting my research and studies with the same depth and rigor as any professional in the field. By continually educating myself and staying updated on the latest trends and developments, I aim to make this platform a reliable source of information for all who share my enthusiasm for AI.

Join me on this exciting journey as we dive together into the transformative world of artificial intelligence. Whether you're new to the field or already have experience, there's always something new to learn and discover. Welcome aboard!

With kind regards
J.O. Schneppat